Pet Parenting 101: Eye Boogers in Dogs

eye boogers in dogs

Do you remember how you adopted your dog? It was likely thanks to the irresistible, almost teary look in its eyes. Cuteness aside, when your dog’s eyes get too watery, you need to know what to do. For that reason, here’s a brief guide to eye boogers in dogs to help you understand what you’re dealing with.

What Are Eye Boogers in Dogs?

Eye Boogers

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Boogers in your fluffy friend’s eyes are natural. They stem from dried tear accumulation in the corners of your dog’s eyes. So, if you notice excessive mucus-like eye drainage from your pet’s eyes, know that you’re dealing with eye boogers.

Are Eye Boogers in Dogs Normal?


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You don’t need to worry too much about the drainage in the corners of your pet’s eyes. Just like humans wake up with eye gunk every morning, it’s perfectly normal for a dog to have eye boogers. But if you start noticing them more frequently in your dog, that might be a red flag.

What Are the Causes of Eye Boogers in Dogs?


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Again, much like people, dogs get showered with dirt and dust during the day. So, the organism’s natural response will be to produce more tears to prevent unwanted particles from getting into the eyes. Because tears protect us from eye infections, eye drainage can be a good thing. However, your dog’s eye boogers can also have some less pleasant explanations.

Namely, the following problems might be causing your dog’s excessive eye drainage:

• allergies
• epiphora
• conjunctivitis
• glaucoma
• the “dry eye” syndrome
• eye injury

So, if your dog happens to have some of these illnesses, remember to ask your vet about the treatment plan.

What Are the Different Types of Eye Boogers in Dogs?

Different Types

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Note that your dog’s eye discharge doesn’t necessarily need to be clear and watery. The truth is, there are several types of eye boogers you can see in your dog:

• eye crust
• yellowish or greenish discharge
• mucus-resembling discharge
• brown or pink fur stains around the dog’s eyes

Cleaning and Caring Tips for Your Dog’s Eye Boogers

Caring Tips

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If the vet says your dog’s eye drainage isn’t a reason to worry, there’s still something you can do. So, try out the following tips to make your pup feel better:

• Use a pet eye comb to remove excess gunk
• Trim your dog’s hair around its eyes
• Keep your pet’s eyes moist with eye drops
• Prevent irritation using an eye cleaner for dogs
• Avoid using your fingers or cotton pads

When Should You Be Concerned and Call a Vet?

Although eye drainage might be nothing serious, here’s when you need to be alarmed:

• Your dog’s vision seems worse
• The area around your dog’s eyes is swollen or red
• The eye discharge appears to be more frequent and excessive
• Your pet frequently rubs its eyes or closes them

How to Prevent Eye Boogers in Dogs

There’s no one way to prevent your dog’s eye discharge. You’ll first need to see what causes it and then address the issue adequately. What you can do beforehand is maintain proper grooming and hygiene for your pet to keep bacteria away. Also, avoid walking your dog through dusty parks and make sure their eyes are always clean.

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